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"OUTSIDE THE BOX" Agora Gallery New York

Last September, 2023, I had the incredible experience, alongside other international artists, of exhibiting three of my abstract works at Agora Gallery New York in the Chelsea Art District, as part of the group exhibition "Outside the Box."

The opening event on the 7th was filled with positive energy and people sharing our joy. We received very positive feedback on our works and the emotions behind their creation. Each of us hopes to leave a piece of ourselves in this world - our life experiences, aspirations, thoughts, and feelings, all expressed in our unique styles, which we captured on our canvases.

As for my contribution (or at least my attempt), it is about bringing joy, peace, and tranquility through my interpretation of sunsets. Sunsets, which I witness and enjoy daily, fill me with a sense of the ephemeral nature of time. Each sunset transforms second by second, taking on different shapes and colors in just a few minutes, eventually transitioning into the darkness of the night. This transition is a reminder that a new day and a fresh opportunity to start a new story await us. I have reached that magical hour when the sky paints itself with sometimes unimaginable and unique colors because every sunset is different day by day.

For me, finding peace and hope in the daily enjoyment of sunsets, particularly when they grace the beach, is a profound experience. Witnessing the merging of colors in the sea, seeing their reflections on the water, I have never lost my capacity for wonder. Each sunset fills my soul and teaches me the magic of nature and the importance of preserving it to continue witnessing these breathtaking views.

I'd like to share the significance of each of these three works with you, hoping to convey some of the emotions they hold:

  • Beyond: What lies beyond the clouds and the colors bestowed by a beautiful sunset. It delves into what's beyond our own lives and existence, inviting us to explore our days and lives, just as a sunset changes every second. It encourages us to change what we don't like, ultimately becoming more complete and happier.

  • Reset: To reset, start a new path and way of thinking. It's about removing what no longer serves us, what bothers us, what causes pain, and beginning anew - better and good, with freedom, tranquility, love, and much peace, excitement, and confidence.

  • Whisper: Life is but a whisper, and if we let it slip away, it's gone, much like a fleeting sunset. We might not even realize what we're missing around us.

I'm sharing some photos from this event, and you can view reels, videos of my creative process, and find more information on my Instagram @gabrielaroman.art.

I'd also like to remind you that from December 6th to 10th this year, I will be exhibiting at Art Basel Miami in Red Dot Booth 608 with Agora Gallery during Miami Art Week 2023.

I say goodbye, incredibly grateful and happy for the experiences I've had so far in my professional career as a visual artist and a lover of color and emotions. :)

Greetings to everyone,

Gabriela Román Esnaurrizar

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