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"OUTSIDE THE BOX" Agora Gallery New York

Last September, 2023, I had the great experience, along with other international artists, of exhibiting three of my abstract works at Agora Gallery in New York's Chelsea Art District, in the group exhibition "Outside the Box." There was an opening on the 7th, filled with positive vibes and people sharing our joy. We received very positive feedback about our works and the feeling of creating them, and what each of us hopes to leave behind in this world: our experiences, aspirations, thoughts, and feelings, etc. Each of us, with our own style, managed to express ourselves and put on our canvases what each of us carries within.

As for my part, I contribute (or at least try to) to bring joy, peace, and tranquility by contemplating the interpretation I make of sunsets, which fill me every day when I see and enjoy them. I aim to convey the ephemeral nature of our time, as each sunset transforms second by second, taking on different shapes and colors in its development in a matter of minutes, until it reaches the darkness of the night, which is also a way of knowing that there will be a new day and a new opportunity to start writing another story. I have come to this hour when the sky begins to paint itself with sometimes unimaginable and unique colors because each sunset is different day by day.

It brings me a lot of peace and hope to enjoy them daily, especially when they are at the beach, seeing how the colors merge into the sea and observing their reflections in the water. I have never lost my capacity for wonder; each one fills my soul and teaches me how magical nature is and why we must take care of it to continue contemplating these views.

I leave you with what each of these three works means to me, hoping to convey some of these feelings.

"Beyond": What we can see beyond the clouds and the colors that a beautiful sunset gives us, what goes beyond our life and our own existence, delving into our day and life to change, just as a sunset changes every second, what we don't like, and thus become more complete and happier.

"Reset": Restart... a new path and mindset... to reset and remove what doesn't serve us... what bothers us... what hurts us... to start again, better and good, with freedom and tranquility, with love and much peace, excitement, and confidence.

"Whisper": a sigh, that's life; a sigh that, if wasted, slips away like a sunset, and you may not realize what you're missing around you.

I'm sharing some photos from this event, and you can see reels, videos of my creative process, and more information on my Instagram @gabrielaroman.art.

And I'd like to remind you that from December 6th to 10th this year, I'll be exhibiting at Art Basel Miami at Red Dot Booth 608 with Agora Gallery during Miami Art Week 2023.

I´m very grateful and happy for what I have experienced so far in my professional career as a visual artist and a lover of color and emotions. :)

Greetings to all,

Gabriela Román Esnaurrizar

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